What Kenichi can provide

Guest performance for events 
Corporate event, private event, festival, TV show, etc.
Kenichi will provide the best possible performance depending on stage condition and client’s demand.
You can find the proposal kit in “EXCLUSIVE FOR CLIENTS“.

Full-Length One Man show (up to 2 hours with intermission)
Kenichi provides up to 2 hour one-man show at proper theaters.  Please ask for the information.

Artistic Direction
Kenichi will direct your stage show, performance piece and event with creative and entertaining ideas.

Booking Agent (service of LinQuest, Inc.)
LinQuest, Inc. (Kenichi Ebina, CEO) provides performing artist agency and casting service.  

Personal Special Video Message
For your special day (birthday, wedding, etc) or to someone special for you, Kenichi will send you a special message video.
CLICK the logo of Cameo for booking.  
* PERSONAL purpose ONLY.  For corporate event or promotion purpose, please contact us by submitting the Booking Form below.

Booking Form

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