Kenichi Ebina    LinQuest, Inc. CEO

Kenichi Ebina is a self-taught “Dance-ish” performing artist and director. Kenichi’s unique dance show with various dance styles, pantomime, illusion effects of sound & light and multimedia entertains wide range of people who are not even interested in dance.

Kenichi was invited as a speaker (performer) at TED Talks 2007. (TED is annual conference where thousands of celebrities attend to listen and watch 50 presenters such as former US president, Nobel prize winners, presidents of large corporations, prominent inventers, artists, etc.)

Kenichi has performed at many events, TV shows and has taught in over 30 countries throughout the world. Kenichi has also performed, directed and choreographed for many projects and dance and theater companies.

Remarkable Awards

  • 2001 “Amateur Night” at the World-Famous Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York << Winner of Super Top Dog / Grand Champion as the first Japanese contestant >>
  • 2007 “Showtime at the Apollo” TV show version of “Amateur Night” at the Apollo Theater << Grand Champion of dance contest after winning 7 times >>
  • 2012 ”KAMIWAZA : season 1 ” World All-kind performer contest, TV show in Japan << Winner / participated as representative from Japan >>
  • 2013 “America’s Got Talent : season 8 ” All-kind talent contest, TV show in USA << Winner among 75,000 contestants / First Asian winner / First dancer winner >>

YouTube Sensation

  • YouTube video of the audition on “America’s Got Talent” has more than 100 million views and total views of Kenichi on YouTube is over 250 million. (as of 2020)

TV Shows (other than noted above)

  • USA : ”America’s Got Talent : The Champions”, “Maury Show”, “Jimmy Fallon”, “ARSENIO Hall”, “Today”, “Angelina Ballerina” and many other
  • Japan : “Jounetsu Tairiku “, “World No.1s’ Showtime”, “SMAPxSMAP” and many other
  • China : ”World’s Got Talent”, “International Humour Festival”, “The King of Comedy”, “Battle of Sexes”, “The Generation Show”
  • Frrance : “Le Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde”
  • UK : “Sunday Night at the London Palladium”
  • Brazil : “Programa da Sabrina”
  • South Korea : “Star King”
  • Turkey : “Beyaz Show”
  • Germany : “Das Supertalent”
  • Israel : “Israel’s Got Talent”
  • Many Spainish speaking countries : “SABADO GIGANTE”, “Angelina Ballerina”

Some other Kenichi’s notable credits

  • Private party show for Madonna, Simon Cowell, Royal Family of Morocco Kingdom, President of Kazakhstan, etc
  • Cirque du Soleil’s special event show
  • “Absinthe”, Australian Open Tennis 2009, Melbourne, Australia
  • After party show, ” Formula-1 (F-1) Grand Prix” in Monaco and Singapore
  • “Circurious” at the Disney Wonder Cruise Shiip, Mexico
  • The Japanese Embassy’s 60th Anniversary event with Israel, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • “LifeBall 2009”, the largest AIDS charity event, Vienna, Austria
  • NBA basket ball halftime show tour
  • Neil Young concert dancer, “Greendale”
  • Actor and choreographer for Japanese drama, “Manhattan Diaries”

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