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Trailers of some of Kenichifs solo performance pieces.

A day of Robot Matrix. Mixture of many performing material like dance, mime, magic tricks. Fun to watch for all age.
If you want to see full clip of short version, CLICK


Enigmatic Species
An unidentified animal was discovered in a deep forest. A kind of contemporary dance with yoga-type movements.

Worst Ballerina on Moon
An alien on moon tries to dance gSwan Lakeh, but... Black light effect, illusion, ballet-taste dance and some HipHop dance.
(Requires specific stage condition)


Eclipse ~ NINJA ~
An story of assassination toward an evil Lord in ancient Japan with "Stereotype" Japanese charactors; Ninja, Geisha and Kabuki / Noh.
(Strobe part requires specific stage condition)
If you want to see full clip, CLICK.


A Tribute to Someone Special
This is a tribute to Michael Jackson in Kenichi's way . Not much and good impersonation, but with more entertaining presentation. If you want to watch full-clip, Click.

Expressing Roman Goddess of Hearth of fire. A taste of Middle East, Europe and India. A kind of contemporaty dance with lighting illusion.

Junction of Worlds ~ Mirror ~
A duo piece with my partner. A fictional story of real world and another world inside mirror. A combination of street dance and mime.

ŒYŽ–Ž–Œ ‘฿•฿ Ž„‘I•ูŒ์Žm “Œ‹ž Œ๐’สŽ–Œฬ ‰มŠQŽา‘ค Ž„‘I•ูŒ์Žm ƒtƒ@ƒCƒ„[ƒLƒ“ƒO

Ebina Performing Arts