What Kenichi can provide

Guest performance for events (1~10min per 1 performance piece)

Even though each piece is about 10 minutes long, with some break between pieces for costume change and rest, performing multiple pieces and customization are possible.  Once you request passcode from “Booking” or “Contact”, we’ll send you passcode and you can take a look at the Tech Rider from “EXCLUSIVE FOR CLIENTS” at the bottom for many variation of performance choice. 

Full-Length One-Man show (up to 2 hours with intermission)

Kenichi can provide up to 2 hour one-man show at theaters.  Please ask for the information.

Artistic Direction

Kenichi can direct the stage show with creative and entertaining ideas.


Kenichi knows many performing arts around the world. Therefore Kenichi can produce a show of variety act show with Kenichi or without.

Booking Form

Also “EXCLUSIVE FOR CLIENTS” at the bottom of the page contains promotional material in PDF, tech rider, photos, etc.  You can download them and please utilize them for promoting Kenichi.




Kenichi Ebina / ebiken / 蛯名健一